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Join Our Developments!

2012-02-06 08:18:05 by SilverXStudios

HELLO! We are here with Some new Messages! WE NEED YOU! To help us! We Need More Peoples that can animate, Program And Draw! We are currently using AS2 (Actionscript 2) to script our games!

Send Us a Message if you are interested to join our Group! When we've read it. We will reply you
And then you've Joined our Group! Give your "Skype" Username and we will send you some Information to You!

Join Our Developments!


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2012-02-12 10:05:46

im in, i already messaged theeCoffee with some examples of my art for the game simple quest Ive redone some of the scenes of the game and made some basic monster images 1b10672ae20f1beb48da4f - 4 monsters cb79789203ef6e88cfc4a6 - rock battle 973ec7cdee31d66f546379 - the village